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How to select the right bar for your event.
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Selecting the right bar type for your event will depend on a few factors look, use, and function.

Self Serve Bar; For a self serve bar you can select any simple table with a draped linen, generally this is a 6ft table with a black 90x132 linen or a cute Wine Barrel Table for a decorative look. *We also suggest hiding a cooler under the table to store ice and drinks. Serve up your drinks with ice tub rentals and drink dispensers.

Hired Bartender; We highly suggest asking the bartender which bar style is preferred.

  • Table on Risers: Any banquet table with risers and a draped linen or Wine Barrel Bar Table. Both options are great for serving wine or a simple pour server.
  • Bar Table: This style of bar is a table with a serving riser on top (2 pieces). This rental allows the bartender to serve drinks whilst keeping the drink creation area hidden from view. This results in a cleaner looking bar and is preferred by most event hosts. This style is also very affordable and has a simple look to match any theme.
  • Back Bar: This is a size matched banquet table that sits behind the bartender and is used to display alcohol, store napkins, glassware and other service items.

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